Sunday, 29 December 2013

Tis the season to eat loads of vegan food!!!!

So the Christmas season is drawing to a close and I reckon I've gained a few pounds over the past few weeks hehe! I've indulged in some tasty vegan treats and spoiled my tummy rotten! Don't get me wrong here.. I am actually one of the most frugal people you will meet (i'm not a tight-ass though I just spend very wisely and make do with what I've got)
I bulk baked mince pies and cookies for presents this year (didn't get a chance to take any pics.. must have been a good sign they liked them) I took a frozen piece of nutroast to my dads for Christmas dinner, made most of my gifts/ bought second hand and other little tokens and gave no cards this year; they only end up in the recycling bin after a week or so.
I have a tradition with a group of my friends where the following rules apply: Presents must be found, freebies, homemade, for charity or acquired (I don't mean shoplift.. perhaps a tin full of a friends favorite free sauce sachets you've picked up over a few meals out). This always makes Christmas more exciting and saves a few bob from your wallet too! Some of the gifts I got this year included home made peanut butter infused vodka, home made vegan chocolate truffles, and a second hand Disney puzzle- very impressed with my friends skills :)
We get together for what we call "Friendmas" this involves watching some xmas films making soup (the grated cheese in the soup is vegan don't panic), swapping prezzies, drinking mulled wine (this year we even added vegan eggnog to our feast) and generally vegging out on the sofa!

mmm Vodka! Saving this for a rainy evening and a good film! Perhaps a vegan reese's cocktail of some sort! Any suggestions?

One of the tastiest truffles ever! Plus they look like mini xmas puddings which is totally adorable!- My friends are so creative!!! (Excuse the blurry photo.. shaky with excitement and sugar hehe)

Leek and potato soup with vegan cheese and crusty bread... *dribble*

Mulled wine in a German mulled wine mug :)
How was your Christmas? How do you celebrate with friends? Any fun traditions? I want to hear about it! Leave me a comment pretty people :)

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  1. That looks great, often being constrained by cost can make you more creative and less predictable! I had a 'budget' Christmas myself, like many having less money thought it better to start the new year in the black instead of the red...I ate well though - lots of lovely veg (sprouts, parsnips, potatoes, carrots), lentil soups, and plenty of mixed nuts. I finally tracked down some vegan mince pies at Asda (Smartprice brand), and the regular Christmas Pudding from M&S was vegan too. A very pleasant, relaxing time spent with family, friends and myself(!) that went by too quickly!! Happy new year!!